Saturday, February 23, 2008

Week 2

Hello again. Well week 2 or 2 1/2 is over. We had a great week. We studied anthropology and talked about worldview. Then we got to talk to people that have been in our region and we talked about the AIDS epidemic in Africa. On Thursday we were in a session about tribal religions. This was all so interesting.

It is very cold here. We had snow flurries on Thursday but no real snow to speak of. We are still praying that it would snow just one day for the children to play in. Otherwise the weather is just plain chilly. We have to wear big coats, gloves, hats and scarfs. It is very different than being in Florida.

Yesterday was our first shot day. Everyone did great! David had to get the most shots (4) and Emily had the least (1). They let me take Emily in at 8 a.m. so that she would not fret over it all day. It made it very easy for me. The nurses give you shots 2 at a time here. Believe it or not it is a lot better than one at a time. We have to go back next Friday for another round. Everyone will get 4 shots each then. Ug!

Our group has been going well. Every morning we get together for worship. We have been reading Acts as a group. House church is a lot of fun. We have been able to get closer to God and each other by doing it this way.

Thank you so much for those who wrote comments and e-mails. It was such an encouragement. Please keep them coming. We haven't gotten any mail yet. (except for Valentine's Cards) We will keep looking.

Prayer Requests: That we walk closer and closer with God.
Transition for children. (right now Micah he is having a rough week)
Friday - shots again
David has a 20 page paper due in 2 weeks

Thank you as always.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week 1

I am sorry that I can't blog more but the internet is hard to get out here. Speaking of out here I know a lot of you have questions about where we live. We live in quads. Each family has what looks like a small apartment and they are attached by a common area in the center. Our apartment has 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchenette. We also have a full size washer and dryer. We do not have any t.v.'s and it has been really nice. We don't really have time for it with everything that we are doing. The children don't seem to miss it. There are 2 couples and 1 other family in our quad. It is beautiful out here. There is a lake and lots of hills. It is in farm area. It snowed in the middle of the night the other day. I happened to look out the window and saw it snowing so I woke all of the children up so that they could see it. I pray that it snows one more tiem in the middle of the day so that they can play in it. Target and WalMart are about 6 miles away. We can eat at the cafeteria for all of our meals. Which means I don't have to cook. Very nice! We go to classes while the children are in school. Some are your normal insurance kind of things and some teach about church planting and that kind of thing. Last week David had the flu. He was really sick until about Tuesday. Micah then got it and had to miss going to the circus on Valentine's Day with his class. He was really diappointed. Leah went with her class and took pictures for Micah. (very sweet) Emily got to go rock climbing on Friday with her class. She climbed a 54ft. wall twice. Her classmates were very impressed.

This weekend we drove up to Fredricksburg and toured a Civil War battleground. We then went to where Stonewall Jackson died. We actually saw the room and bed where he died. It was pretty neat. It is amazing that all of us are here with the amount of men that died in that war. We had a good time. It was nice to get away.

Prayer concerns for this week are: That everyone would stay healthy.
We have our first shot clinic on Friday pray for the children especially.
That we would not get overwhelmed with all of the stuff that we have to get done.
That we would get closer to God here.
That David & I would be good group leaders.
That everything would go as planned with the sell of our house. ( Feb. 29th)

We miss you all. If you would like to send letters, cards etc. Our address here is 16492 MLC Ln. 4C Rockville, VA 23146. That will come to directly to us. Also you can still write e-mails to us at 0r We would love to hear from everyone. We are kind of feeling forgotten. Please e-mail and let us know what is going on in your lives. I just looked at our e-mail address' if for some reason you can not just click on them the space between both of our names is an underscore. Thank you to anyone who has left a comment on the blog. We love them, keep them coming. Thank you again for your prayers.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hello from Orientation

Well we made it to orientation and I have not been able to get to a computer until now. We left San Antonio last Thursday and drove to the Ft. Worth area. We stayed at our friends house that caravaned with us. We helped them pack up and met their friends and family who were all great. We also got to go to dinner with other IMB friends and it was wonderful to see them. On Saturday we left Texas and met up with more friends in Little Rock, AK. We stayed the night in Jackson, TN. On Sunday we had the priveledge to do a missions moment for First Baptist Jackson, TN. We were travelling so we did not get to meet anyone there but I want you to know you are being prayed for from here. Thankyou for partnering with our family. The prayers go both ways. From there we went to Kingsport, TN and stayed the night. We had a bit of a scare there. We thought Micah had been kidnapped. Let me explain. When we got to the room there were a lot of problems from the bed not being made to half empty gatorade bottles in the refrigerator. We had 3 rooms right together and everyone going from room to room watching the game or playing or writing a paper for school (David). David comes in to the "game" room and I said where is Micah? Then we can't find him. So all the adults are searching the hotel. Well it ends up that Micah was asleep on the bed under all of the blankets. He is so little we couldn't find him. So we had a little scare and now we can laugh about it. We drove to Virginia on Monday and have been setting up house for 2 days. We have made so many Wal Mart runs its not even funny. Today we started classes and we found out that they have chosen us to be small group leaders. Please pray that we do a good job.

The children are doing great. In fact right now I have to go pick them up from school. Thank you so much for your prayers. If there is something we can be praying for you about please let us know.