Monday, December 17, 2007

More December Happenings

Merry Christmas to all of you. What a wonderful weekend we had. We sold a lot of our furniture and now we are down to just a few more pieces to sell. We still need to sell our house and our Buick Rendezvous but God has been faithful and we praise him for that. Can you believe Christmas is next week? Where did the time go. It has just turned cold here in SW Florida, o.k. so it's only in the 60's. Yesterday we were in the 80's. We are very spoiled weather wise here. I have a feeling we are going to freeze in Virginia. You should have seen my kids this morning going to school you would have thought there was a snow storm outside. But it's nothing that a cup of hot chocolate can't fix.

This weekend we let the dog go to his new home with David's parents. The dog is so happy there. But the children are sad. Please pray for our children. This selling of everything and giving away their dog is really hard on them. I've never had to move much so this is difficult for me too. I can't imagine what it is like for them. They really only have about 2 weeks left of school. Please pray for them as they go through this week and especially the week of January 7th.

David has just finished another seminary course so he gets some time off from studying. I am so proud of him. January 2nd is his last day of work. He will be taking next week off for the holidays. Speaking of holidays we will be going to Orlando for Christmas. Please pray for travel mercies. This will be our last Christmas in Florida for a while. It doesn't seem real. On one hand I am so excited to go but on the other hand it is hard to say goodbye to family and friends and the life we have known here.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and support. Please keep praying! I pray that all of you have a very Christ filled Christmas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December is here

It has only been 4 days in December and we have been so blessed. This past Sunday our Sunday School class held a going away breakfast for us. We knew that the class was going to pray over us but we didn't know that they had collected a love offering. I can't tell you how blessed we were by this. If you are one of those people that gave thank you so much. If that wasn't enough I think I shared a couple of blogs ago that Micah was sad because we didn't have a Christmas tree. Well first a couple in our Sunday School class brought us a small tree to use. Micah loved it. Then yesterday someone donated a brand new 7 ft. pre-lit tree to our missions pastor for us to use. Micah could hardly wait for me to put it up. If you are the person who donated that tree you made one little boy very happy. He gets mad every time I have to turn the lights off. He thinks they should be on all of the time. Tonight we will decorate it with all of our family ornaments. So let me just say we have wonderful friends and that you have blessed our socks off. It's hard to express the love we feel right now. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I know that you have been praying about David's job situation. Well yesterday he turned in his resignation and everything went very well. He will be working until January 2nd and then we will be packing. Also, the furniture has been selling. Our couch and dining room table are gone so we have a pretty empty house. David said from now on our word is flexible. If you know David this is very difficult to do. Please pray that we can all be flexible. As always keep praying for our house to sell. People have been coming to see it but so far no contracts. It only takes one. To tell you the truth I am just tired of cleaning my house. It is very difficult to keep a house clean with 3 children. So pray for me. Again I just want to say thank you for your love and support. We are blessed.