Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hello from Zambia Part 2

Well tomorrow we will be flying back to Joburg and we are very excited. Since I last blogged some many things have happened. 40/40 has been difficult. The group as a whole caught some kind of stomach bug. This started the same the day we drove to Petauke. Not fun driving while you are sick. The trip took about 6 hours due to road conditions and sickness stops. It was a beautiful drive, just long. Like I said in the last blog we all stayed in tents. Our family had two tents that faced each other. Unfortunately, they forgot to hook up the electricity in ours. ha ha The day after we arrived our nurse had to leave because of sickness. That night Emily was sick all night. I caught it in the morning and David caught it that afternoon. David ended up getting very dehydrated and had to get an IV put in. He felt better as soon as they put it in. We adjusted to camp life rather quickly after everyone started feeling better. Our field assignments were very much like the ones we had done in Lusaka but now David and I got to go together. We shared the gospel several times and one lady accepted Christ! It was so awesome! We went into their villages and met the head man and got to talk with him. This really was an awesome experience. These people live in little round clay huts with thatched roofs. This is how they have always lived. They are farmers and live with their whole family. On the last 3 days in Petuake we went on our home stay. We stayed in the Petauke town. We stayed with a family that actually had electricity. They even had a t.v. They had one 3 year old boy. The kids were excited because they got to play with the 6 puppies that were there. On Sunday we went to church with them and saw 2 other 40/40 families that were staying in the town. I got to learn to wash my clothes by hand and how to make encima. This is something that Zambians eat for just about every meal. By the end of the home stay my children were asking to eat encima and their son was asking to eat rice. The kids did so well. We have awesome kids. On Monday we drove to a "resort" called Ibis Gardens. We are staying in a house. It is very nice and very different from the tent we stayed in. Tonight we are having our banquet. I can't believe it is finally over. It has been a hard month but God has been so good and we are so thankful. Tomorrow we fly back to Joburg at 7:20 a.m. We are so excited to start our lives in our new home. I just found out today that all three of the children have spots in the school. God never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for praying us through this month. We have felt your prayers. We are back on line now so write to us. or I am on Facebook and we both have Scype numbers. I will let you know our physical address as soon as I know it.

Prayer Requests:
Travel mercies

That the children will meet new friends fast and that they will enjoy school.

That we stay healthy. All of us have been sick this month.

For our family back home. We miss them.

That we find a church in Joburg.