Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! My commitment to you this year is to write a blog every other month. That is 6 blogs for the year. So what has happened with the Delac's in the last 6 months? Well lets see the kids finished another school year. They all did really well. They will start another school year in a week. Emily will be in 6th grade, Leah in 4th and Micah in 2nd. We have made the decision to home school them starting in September. They will all move up a grade so that they will be on the American school system again. We are all very excited about this but there is much work to be done before it happens.

David did have his foot surgery in June. The surgery went well and David has been able to walk so much better. This year we are hoping to get his finger done also. Hopefully, he will no longer need to use the medication that he has been on.

Our company has been making many changes and I believe that last time I wrote I told you about all of the support staff that would be moving here. Well they are here and it has been wonderful to have new families here for all of us. We have about 20 children here now ranging from newborn to just graduated high school. We have made some life time friends.

Micah celebrated his 7th birthday in June. He had a Ben 10 party with some of his buddies from school. It just happened that they had a Ben 10 celebration thing at the convention center here that weekend. The whole convention center was filled with every Ben 10 activity you could think of. The boys loved it and so did I. (easy clean up) In October I celebrated my 40th birthday. My friends here threw me a surprise party. It was my first and it was wonderful. I was very blessed.

In August the kids had a break from school so we drove to Kruger National Park and went on a safari. It really is awesome to see God's creatures out in there own habitat. We also got to visit with some friends while we were up there. It was a much needed break.
I have started volunteering at the Pregnancy Crisis Center that is run by our church. It is very rewarding. Mostly we have ladies that come in with their babies that need formula and clothes. Most are foreigners from Zimbabwe. At the center we do pregnancy tests and counseling for pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. The medicine is free to those who find out they have the disease but most won't because they are afraid they will be kicked out of their tribe. It is very sad.

On a brighter note my parents came over for a visit in December. They stayed until the 26th so we got to spend Christmas with them. We travelled to Kruger again and had a great time. It was fun baking cookies with my mom and hanging out with my dad. Christmas here is during the summer time so it really doesn't feel like Christmas. It was so nice to have family here to make it feel more like Christmas. I miss them already.
That brings us to January. On Tuesday I will be leaving for a Home School Conference in Cape Town. The conference ends Friday and David will be flying over to spend 4 days there with me. It will be nice to have 4 days alone with my husband. The day after we come back the kids start school again. At the end of January David and I will be facilitating a Crown Ministries group through our church. We are very excited about this new ministry.

I pray that 2010 will be a very blessed year for you and your family. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer.

Prayer/Praise Requests

Praise - David's foot surgery. Please pray about him being medication free

Praise - My parents were here for a visit.

Praise - all of the families that moved here. Pray that their belongings that they crated would get here quickly.

Prayer - for our Crown Group. Help us to love them the way that God would and that He would use us to help them with their financial struggles.

Prayer- that God would continue to use me at the Pregnancy Crisis Center

Prayer - for the children this year as they start a new school year. Also, all of us as we prepare to home school

Prayer - for the Home School Conference happening this week.

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